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The Enervee Decision Engine & Enervee Score

The Enervee® Decision Engine gathers, cleans, and packages millions of data points every day.

The Enervee Decision Engine processes more than a million product offerings, along with thousands of certifications in order to effectively engage consumers and run incentive programs every single day. The Enervee Decision Engine enables the daily comparison of price, popularity, reviews, availability and energy efficiency.

The Enervee Data Engine

Data (US Market)

Product Offers

+1,000,000 Offers Daily

Energy Consumption

+100,000 Profiles & Certs

Utility Rates

+150,000 Rates / Zips


+10,000 Utility Rebates

Relative Energy Savings

Relative energy savings from moving shoppers to score 90+ in a single year for Television, Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer and Dishwasher

Changing the way people buy products and appliances for their home means energy savings can repeat year after year, thanks to higher energy efficiency being baked in from purchase.

In one year alone, if just 30% of shoppers in the US who are purchasing a new refrigerator, washer, dryer or dishwasher bought one with an Enervee Score of 90+, the accumulated savings would be almost 9000 GWh. That’s the equivalent of being able to switch off three coal-fired power plants for an entire year.

Enervee Score


Enervee Score levels
  • Not Good
  • Good
  • Very Good
  • Ideal

The Enervee Score helps everyone find the most efficient products for their home, by translating product performance and energy usage into an easy to understand 0-100 score.

The higher the Enervee Score, the more efficient that product in its category. The Enervee Score is normalized across a category, allowing consumers to instantly see the true energy performances of their possible purchases.

The Enervee Score is also updated daily for all products across every category on Enervee Marketplace, meaning any product launches in a category are reported within 24hours.

Enervee Score

The Enervee Score:

  • Applies to all products in a category, is consistent across categories, is updated daily, and is fully integrated into the Marketplace experience.

Calculating the Enervee Score

A selection of category criteria that shape the Enervee Score


Screen Size (Diagonal in) & kWh/yr


Capacity (ft3) & kWh/yr


Capacity (ft3) & kWh/yr


Lumens of Brightness & kWh/yr

Clothes Washers

Cubic feet of volume per kWh per cycle


Cycles per kWh

Clothes Dryers

Pounds of Clothes per kWh


Performance (screen size & pixels, processing power & battery life) & kWh/yr

Video Game Consoles

Performance (CPU speed, memory & hard drive capacity) & kWh

Air Conditioners

BTUs of cooling power per Watt


Screen size (diagonal in) & kWh/yr

Light Bulbs

Lumens of brightness and Watts

Enervee follows the appropriate and accepted standards on performance and energy efficiency ratings in each territory where its products are used. For categories that are not regulated by standards (e.g. video game consoles) Enervee collaborates with stakeholders to develop its own energy efficiency rating methodologies.